Descent: Journeys in the dark is a dungeon based board game produced by Fantasy Flight Games. In a game of Descent one player takes the role of the Overlord. The Overlord is similar to the Dungeon Master in games of D D; with one exception. The objective of the Overlord is to kill the rest of the players.
Upon opening the box you are presented with a very well packaged game. The miniatures that come with the game are excellent quality. There is a figure for every character in the game and a variety of monsters to be conquered. The cardboard tokens and dungeon tiles can be punched out with little or no effort.

One of the really nice features of the Descent game is scalability. If you just have 2 players then the monsters are not so powerful that the players will get wiped out walking in the front door of the dungeon. A full party of 4 players will be challenged as well due to the fact that the monsters can be scaled to accompany this larger party size.

The best advice that could be given to the players is stay together. If you are separated throughout the dungeon then you will become easy targets for the Overlord.

As previously mentioned one of the players will take the role of the Overlord. The Overlord’s job is to kill the characters controlled by the players. The Overlord uses threat tokens to accomplish this task. Every turn the Overlord gets a certain number of threat tokens and draws a certain number of cards from the Overlord deck. These cards can be played to hinder/ harm the players, or be discarded for more threat tokens. Some of the really cool cards require a substantial amount of threat tokens.

The best advice for the Overlord would be to decide how you want to eliminate the players. Deciding how to use your Overlord cards to accomplish this feat is also important. Discard Overlord cards if the quest involves a rather large dungeon. This will enable you to play the bigger cards when you draw them.

Descent is a great game. The only downside that I can see is that the game can take a long time to play. I was Overlord and 3 of my friends were playing one night. We started at 6 PM and finished at 2 AM. Although this may seem kind of long we had a lot of fun and the time passed very quickly.