On January 14 the Official Game Page for DC Universe Online on Facebook announced the start of a rewards program where players can earn free and exclusive in-game items. To do so you must first “allow” the Profiler application (accessed from the Profiler or Legends tabs on the Official Facebook Game Page). Then you’ll need to choose a profile picture from the options, featuring many of the major DC Universe heroes and villians. Doing so will give you a code that you’ll need to input into the Playstation’s Redeem-a-Code section under Account Settings or through the PC’s “Enter a Code” interface on the claim window.
Changing your profile image to one of the DC Universe heroes or villians unlocks the first item, then changing it to a new one in a week unlocks the second item, doing so again the third, and one more time for the mystery reward.

Each item code can be used only once but will activate on all the characters associated with that account. Once you unlock the first item the page will tell you how many days remain until you can unlock the next. The code will display under the unlocked item’s picture on the Profiler page.

The first item you’ll get is Catwoman’s Claw (a clawed glove that is a favorite feline fashion accessory). The second item is Penguin’s Gun-brella (one of Penguin’s more exotic tools. Sure to choke up foes). The third is Harley Quinn’s Malicious Mallet (a ‘toy’ employed on occasion by the laughing lady to torment her enemies), and the last is a mystery reward.

If you haven’t signed up for Facebook but are a fan of the game, now might be the time so you don’t miss out on these exclusive in-game items!

Source: Official Game Page of DC Universe Online